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This Wildly Affordable Electric Motorcycle Looks Like the Metacycle We Never Got

After the massive letdown of the Sondors Metacycle, we’ve learned not to get too excited about an affordable electric motorcycle that also looks really nice. But looking at Ryvid’s new Outset and its $6,000 price tag, we’d be lying if we said we’re not excited.
First of all, the Outset is an electric motorcycle that can get up to 70 miles on a single charge and can hit more than 75 mph at an attainable price. That may sound too good to be true, but the startup has already found early success with its first model, the Anthem, which was made for city commuting. Now the company wants to bring that insanely good value to an electric motorcycle that’s meant for more than paved roads.
Ryvid built the Outset to handle more than just your standard commute. Ryvid
Switching Between Models
Before we get too invested, let’s first look at what Ryvid is promising with the Outset. You’ll have to be in Eco Mode with its regenerative braking to get that advertised 70 miles of range. However, there’s also a Sport Mode if you’re more interested in performance and pushing out as much as 53 lb-ft of torque. Those specs are thanks to a 72V motor that’s powered by a removable 4.3kWh battery. Once you need to recharge, it’ll take more than two hours to get from 0 to 80 percent with a standard 110V outlet, but just over an hour to get that same amount of charge with a level 2 charger.
According to Ryvid, the Outset has more of an upright riding position compared to its first e-motorcycle. Ryvid designed its suspension with an inverted front fork and rear monoshock and paired it with Dunlop Mutant tires to handle rougher terrain. You still get the Ryvid Reverse Gear function though, which allows you to go backward on the Outset to get out of tight parking spaces or awkward slopes.
We have to mention Ryvid’s modular design too since the company says you can convert your current Anthem model into an Outset or the other way around. There’s a good amount of DIY involved since you have to order from Ryvid’s 3D parts catalog and follow some instructional videos, but this level of customization is just gravy on top of an already solid design.
Hard to believe such a good-looking electric motorcycle starts at around $6,000. Ryvid
Starting Shipments in the Summer
The Outset is already up for preorders on Ryvid’s website in Sector Red or Vapor Grey, starting at $5,995. You can upgrade the Outset with a bunch of accessories, including the more affordable handlebar phone mount that goes for $55 or an extra battery pack for $3,995. Ryvid said the deliveries for the Outset are expected to start in the summer.
Considering Ryvid’s track record with its first e-motorcycle and the upcoming delivery date for its latest model, it feels like the Outset will be a hit. And if Ryvid does succeed here, the Outset could be the budget electric motorcycle that the Metacycle was trying to be.



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