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Is Harley-Davidson’s Sportster 1200 A Good Bike For Beginners? What You Need To Know

One issue with the bike being out of production is that you might not be able to easily find the exact Sportster 1200 you’re looking for. While performance will largely be the same across the line, specific models might catch your eye. For example, the Sportster XL1200 Low has a lower 26.3-inch seat height compared to the typical 28.9-inch seat height on a Sportster Iron 1200. Seat height is something many riders look at while buying a bike, but weight is also something to be aware of.
Sportster 1200s are heavy bikes — a 2015 Sportster Iron 1200 weighs around 550 lbs – but that doesn’t automatically mean you’ll have problems. You’ll particularly notice the pounds when you’re stopping and going at stop signs and stoplights, but once you’re at cruising speed the bike will feel easier to balance. If the weight is giving you pause, something like a Honda Rebel 500 is a good Sportster alternative, and has a curb weight of 408 lbs for the base model.
Thanks to the long-running Sportster line, you can easily find parts to repair or mod your bike if you decide to. That also makes this a bike you can grow with instead of selling it for something more feature-rich or modern. You can still get plenty of life out of an old Sportster 1200 if you’re up-to-date on must-know tips for motorcycle maintenance.



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