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5 Suzuki Motorcycles Built With GSX-R Engines

5 Suzuki Motorcycles Built With GSX-R Engines
Everyone reaches a point in life when they ponder how different things would be if they had a motorcycle. However, if you aren’t familiar with the biker lifestyle, finding the right kind of vehicle can be overwhelming. In the world of sports bikes, it’s primarily Ducati vs. Suzuki, at least regarding the major brands. And while either would be an excellent choice, you can’t go wrong with Suzuki’s GSX-R engines.
The Japanese manufacturer introduced the GSX-R engines in 1984 with the GSX-R400 bike. The 400cc model was limited to Japan, but Suzuki launched the GSX-R globally with 750cc and 1000cc models after the original quickly became a hit. Unsurprisingly, the sports bike’s popularity continued to rise as its lightweight frame and powerful engine began dominating the racing scene. The company continued expanding the line until it had an entire GSX-R family, including GSX-R750, GSX-R600, and GSX-models.
To this day, sports bikes with the GSX-R engine remain incredibly popular among motorcycle enthusiasts and racers. Many models are even some of the fastest Suzuki motorcycles ever built. Today, plenty of Suzuki GSX-R sports bikes are on the market, whether for racing or recreational use. They’ve practically become the Honda Civics of the industry, offering competitive, long-lasting performance at a reasonable price. So, if you’re interested in snagging a bike with a GSX-R engine, here are some modern motorcycles carrying the beloved equipment.



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