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MOQBA: Suzuki unveils revolutionary stair-climbing motorcycle

Suzuki, a household name in the world of motorcycles, has taken a giant leap into the future of urban mobility with their latest concept, the MOQBA (Modular Quad Based Architecture). This groundbreaking vehicle is designed to challenge traditional notions of transportation and provide access to all, regardless of obstacles.
Suzuki MOQBA Suzuki
Let’s delve deeper into the MOQBA concept and explore its potential to revolutionize how we move in cities.
A novel approach to mobility
The MOQBA, unveiled at the Japan Mobility Show, stands as a testament to Suzuki’s commitment to innovative and inclusive transportation solutions. This unique vehicle combines the best of both worlds—wheels and legs—creating a mobility concept like no other. Its chassis consists of four small electric wheels, each mounted to a robotic leg with three degrees of freedom. This robotic framework is attached to a double-boomerang structure, forming the MOQBA’s foundation.



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