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Everything To Know About Honda’s Super Cub Motorcycle

Everything To Know About Honda’s Super Cub Motorcycle
Since Soichiro Honda founded the company that carries his name in 1948, Honda has cranked out reliable econoboxes like the Accord and Civic, and spawned the luxury auto brand, Acura. Honda made several memorable cars that never made it to United States dealerships, but for every car sold worldwide in the last dozen years or so, Honda has sold more than three times as many motorcycles. Honda’s first two-wheeler was the 1949 Dream D, which had a two-stroke 98cc motor. Soichiro Honda wasn’t happy with the auditory or environmental pollution produced by his two-stroke engines, so his next motorcycle, the 1953 Dream E, had a four-stroke engine.
Five years later came the Super Cub C100, which had a four-stroke 49cc (3 cu-in) engine and three-speed semi-automatic transmission. That first Super Cub could carry 3 liters of gas (a little more than 3/4 of a gallon), and reach a top speed of 43 mph. The light, zippy, Super Cub existed in the netherworld between mopeds and motorcycles, and helped pave the way for later, larger Honda creations like the CB 750 — the bike that ChatGPT considers the best motorcycle ever made.



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