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What’s The Top Speed Of Razor’s MX350 Motorcycle & How Much Weight Can It Safely Hold?

What’s The Top Speed Of Razor’s MX350 Motorcycle & How Much Weight Can It Safely Hold?
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Do you remember Razor? The company rose to prominence with scooters, and every little kid’s ankles paid the price. But just because we grew up doesn’t mean Razor shut its doors. While they still make the ankle-smacking scooters of yore, the company also dabbles in hoverboards, classic scooters with a grown-up twist, and many electric rides, like the Razor Icon Electric Scooter. Today, one of their best sellers is the MX350 Dirt Rocket, and it packs more of a punch than you may think.
The Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket is a small electric motorcycle that’s perfect for those aspiring motocross riders who are too young to ride a full-sized dirt bike. It’s built for off-roading, with pneumatic knobby tires and a rear-wheel chain drive that delivers power and traction, and has a battery life of up to 30 minutes, which might not be as long as some riders would like. However, during that time, you can get the MX350 moving at speeds up to 14 miles per hour, which is more than enough to traverse hills and motocross tracks, but don’t expect Razor to compete with the best dirt bike brands.
The MX350’s top speed isn’t the fastest that Razor offers, but it’s also not the slowest. The MX125, made for even younger children, has a max speed of 8 mph, and as the age range increases, so do the speeds. The MX500, made for ages 14 and up, can reach 15 mph, and the MX650 gets ages 16 and up moving at 17 mph.



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