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What Is The Top Speed Of A Honda Grom, And Can You Take It On The Highway?

What Is The Top Speed Of A Honda Grom, And Can You Take It On The Highway?
When it comes to buying a motorcycle, there are practically unlimited options at your disposal, ranging from superspeed sport bikes to casual scooters. However, somewhere between those two is where you’ll find the Grom, one of Honda’s most affordable motorcycles.
Released in 2014 as part of Honda’s miniMOTO line, the Grom is a cross between the power of a full-sized motorcycle and the physical size of everyone’s favorite mini sports bike they raced as kids. While we are exaggerating a bit, the Grom’s 30-inch seat height and roughly 220-pound frame make it a unique addition to the world of motorcycles. However, don’t assume its small stature means that it doesn’t pack a punch, as Honda threw in a 124cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine capable of reaching speeds up to 55 mph, although you could achieve higher speeds with specific, albeit dangerous, conditions (full throttle downhill). However, you won’t be able to reach highway speeds consistently.
That begs the question: Can you take the Honda Grom on the highway? You certainly can (more on that below), but you probably shouldn’t. People are understandably weary of any mini motorcycle sharing lanes with a full-sized vehicle. Even though the Grom is one of the most affordable mini motorcycles to ride, you probably wouldn’t want to take it on the highway, driving next to cars that tower over the motorcycle and can easily reach double the speed.



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