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All About The Kawasaki Ninja 7 Hybrid Motorcycle

All About The Kawasaki Ninja 7 Hybrid Motorcycle
Kawasaki has been busy developing new motorcycles that offer non-conventional configurations and are unlike anything else on the road. Take, for example, Kawasaki’s new hydrogen-powered motorcycle or the company’s foray into hybrid territory with the new Ninja 7 hybrid model. The motorcycle manufacturer continues to do well, especially with its iconic Ninja models. According to Road Dirt, the Ninja ZX-6R was one of the best-selling bikes in the U.S. in 2023.
The battery power in the new Ninja 7 Hybrid is considered a first in the strong hybrid category. The manufacturer describes a strong hybrid bike as a combination of a traditional combustion engine and an electric motor powered by a battery robust enough to run the motorcycle without help from the engine. While this hybrid motorcycle concept might sound interesting on paper, how well does it work in practice, and what advantages can you expect?
Fortunately, as the Ninja 7 Hybrid is a mid-size sport bike, performance is one of the standout benefits of this design. Additionally, engineers have meticulously arranged the various components to avoid imbalance and handling issues. With a streamlined, modern style, the Ninja 7 Hybrid doesn’t look out of place alongside other non-hybrid sport bikes. Even with all the additional equipment and components like a traction motor and a potent battery pack fitted inside, onlookers would never suspect this motorcycle was different.
So, what else does this new bike offer?



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