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What’s The Difference?

Yamaha QL1 Vs. Midas PRO1-IP: What’s The Difference Between These Digital Mixers?
If you’re a sound engineer looking for a professional-grade digital mixer, Yamaha and Midas are two trustworthy names in the music industry, offering premium musical gear for heavy demands. Two popular choices are the Yamaha QL1 and Midas PRO1-IP digital mixer, but which mixer is best suited to your demands?
Unlike audio tech that is a waste of money, a digital mixer is a staple piece of technology for any sound technician. If you’ve ever watched a theater production or a live band perform in a large venue, you will have already experienced the workings of a mixer. Primarily used to monitor sound levels, the digital mixer adjusts incoming signals from instruments and microphones while adding effects such as EQ. Some digital mixers also work with popular music production software so you can create live recordings of performances.
If you’re hunting for a high-quality digital mixer, there are several key attributes to look out for, including the number of inputs and outputs, the interface and controls, plus the overall sound quality. Here’s an overview of the Yamaha QL1 and Midas PRO1-IP digital mixers, plus how the models compare against each other.



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