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What Ever Happened To Matchless Motorcycles?

What Ever Happened To Matchless Motorcycles?
Remembering classic and legendary British motorcycle makers, Triumph might come to mind. While this is undoubtedly an iconic U.K.-based manufacturer with a storied history, you’d be remiss not to recall another giant of motorcycle greatness: Matchless. Starting in 1899, Henry Herbert Collier and sons Harry and Charlie began making bicycles in London. However, the transition to motorcycles wouldn’t take long as the Collier brothers crafted their first in 1901. While very basic by today’s standards, this model would kick off a series of innovative and quality-built motorcycles lasting for decades to come.
Motorcycle racing was one of the burgeoning pastimes of the early 20th Century, and the Collier brothers were directly involved. For example, Charlie took first place in the inaugural Isle of Man TT during the first event to use single-cylinder engines in 1907. His brother also took the top podium two years later, cementing the Colliers as not only savvy businessmen but also talented racers. With a strong foundation, a good reputation on the racing circuit, and some of the most memorable models like the Silver Arrow, G12, G80, and G3, what ultimately happened to the brand? Like BSA Motorcycles with its own exciting story, Matchless certainly has a fascinating history.



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