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Is The Honda Navi A Motorcycle Or Scooter? What To Know About This Pocket Bike

Before we draw a strict line between what is and isn’t a motorcycle, let’s look at some of the Navi’s stats. It’s powered by a 109-cc engine. It’s 71.1 inches long and 28.9 inches wide. That’s small enough to fit in any parking spot with room to spare. It isn’t small enough to be a trunk bike like the Motocompo, but the Navi is pretty light at just 234 pounds, and according to Honda, that includes “all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel.”
According to the owner’s manual, the Navi’s maximum weight capacity is 344 pounds, so if there’s a rider and a passenger, their gear must be kept to a minimum. The more likely scenario is that Navi owners will be riding around solo, potentially with a backpack or a few bags of groceries at most.
Finally, while the Navi’s top speed isn’t very impressive, Honda estimates its fuel economy at an impressive 110 mpg. The fuel tank capacity is less than one gallon, though (0.92 gallons to be exact), so you aren’t likely to take the Navi on any long-distance road trips. All these stats seem to influence a decision to place the Navi in the scooter category but don’t be too hasty.



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