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Harley-Davidson’s Low Rider S or Indian Motorcycle’s Chief Dark Horse?

Indian Motorcycle first introduced the Chief series all the way back in 1922, and it has been a flagship motorcycle for the company ever since. Fast-forwarding to 2009, and we have the first Indian Chief Dark Horse, which has received several updates over the years including a touchscreen display with live weather and traffic updates on the 2023 model.
The first thing you will notice about the model of today is just how pleasing this bike is on the eyes — SlashGear’s own Cody Campbell described it best as having a “certain rugged timelessness to the Dark Horse’s design that harkens back to black-and-white photos of old cruisers, while somehow simultaneously managing to feel modern and industrial.” Even visually you can tell that this is not a light bike, it weighs almost 700 pounds, but if you want even more heft, the bike also has a bobber version with thicker tires and shocks.
The Chief Dark Horse is available in 2024 at a starting price of $18,499– over $1,000 cheaper than the Low Rider S. Most bike enthusiasts will tell you that the Indian Chief Dark Horse is one of the best cruisers for motorcycle riders, but in what ways is it different from the almost equally acclaimed Low Rider S?



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