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Yamaha Vs. Honda Motorcycles: How They Compare

Yamaha Vs. Honda Motorcycles: How They Compare
When buying a motorcycle, you have several choices, and two of the most well-known brands, Yamaha and Honda, provide excellent options. But when choosing models becomes difficult, the logical solution is to compare which motorcycle maker is best. While there are differences between Yamaha and Honda, both offer advantages and disadvantages for riders. For those just getting into the bike scene, not all models are ideal for beginners; before purchasing, you should consider the best motorcycles for new riders. When examining Honda and Yamaha’s history, you’ll discover both have an interesting story.
In 1946, Soichiro Honda noted that most people in Japan got around town on basic bicycles and was inspired to improve on the two-wheeled form of transportation. Using small engines that powered radio systems, Honda successfully added them to bicycles, making travel less physically challenging. The new powered bicycles were so incredibly popular that Honda couldn’t keep his inventory full.
Conversely, Torakusu Yamaha wasn’t initially in the business of vehicle development but instead was intent on creating a superior version of the organ, a Western instrument. Through trial and error, he painstakingly worked to improve tuning in his version of the organ, and this history is encapsulated in Yamaha’s logo, which is comprised of three tuning forks. It wouldn’t be until 1953 that Nippon Gakki (now known as Yamaha) would begin developing motorcycle prototypes.



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