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4 Yamaha Tech Devices You Might Not Realize Exist

4 Yamaha Tech Devices You Might Not Realize Exist
Yamaha’s history, which started in 1887, is rooted in repairing and manufacturing Western-style instruments. Named after its founder, Torakusu Yamaha, the Yamaha Corporation has undergone a series of evolutions over a century of its history. From musical instruments to audio products and sports equipment, Yamaha has dabbled in both the production of these products and setting up institutions that help enable people to use them, like the Yamaha Music School.
It took almost 70 years of existence before it launched the Yamaha Motor Company, which coincided with the release of its pioneering YA-1 motorcycle in July 1955. Unsurprisingly, Yamaha ranks pretty highly in our list of best motorcycle brands here at SlashGear, but, did you know that Yamaha continues to produce some interesting pieces of tech off the road as well?
Through the years, Yamaha has dipped its feet into multiple industries, even deliberately cheekily. In 2015, Yamaha’s bike designers created some unusual musical instruments during a fun creative challenge. If you’re curious about how other industries benefit from Yamaha’s diverse interests, keep reading.



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