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These Two Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Will Go Where Other Models Won’t

These Two Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Will Go Where Other Models Won’t
Harley-Davidson is one of the most popular motorcycle brands of all time. The company is known for building primarily cruiser bikes with large engines and timeless style. Harley has a reputation for creating motorcycles that embody many of the things people love about bikes, including a classic outlaw image and feelings of freedom and individuality. However, the company doesn’t only build cruisers and Harley-Davidson makes a lot more than just motorcycles. Something that may surprise you is that Harley builds a varied selection of motorcycles. While many of those bikes are traditional cruisers or cruiser derivatives, like touring motorcycles, the legendary manufacturer also builds several sport and adventure bikes. A couple of those bikes are even capable of off-road riding.
That’s right — you can buy a Harley-Davidson motorcycle for dirt and trails. The downside? Harley bikes are expensive, and the company’s selection of off-road-capable motorcycles is, admittedly, limited. Right now, Harley only sells two bikes that are designed, in part, for off-road use: the Pan America® 1250 Special and the CVO™ Pan America®. They’ll cost you a pretty penny, but they carry the iconic HD badge and come with some pretty sweet features. Let’s go ahead and dive in and explore these two Harley-Davidson motorcycles for rugged terrain.




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