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Harley-Davidson Low Rider S Vs. Low Rider ST: What’s The Difference?

Harley-Davidson Low Rider S Vs. Low Rider ST: What’s The Difference?
Purchasing a Harley-Davidson would be a thrill for most motorcycle enthusiasts, but the process could also prove daunting, as there are hundreds of new, used, and classic Harley’s out there to choose from these days. There’s even a trove of super rare Harleys that some super fans collect. If, however, you’ve already narrowed your market down to a Harley with some serious cruising capability, the legendary motorcycle brand’s Low Rider model may fit the bill.
Of course, even selecting a Low Rider from Harley-Davidson’s current slate of bikes will require you to make more decisions, primarily because there are two different versions of the motorcycle in production — the Low Rider S, and the Low Rider ST. Now, if you were to conduct a side-by-side comparison of each bike’s stats, it might be hard to see what sets the Low Rider S and ST apart from each other, with each essentially the same in terms of size, engine (hello Milwaukee-Eight 117), and performance. Heck, each even comes fitted with the same Michelin Scorcher-31 tires.
Though their vital stats are nearly the same, Harley-Davidson’s Low Rider S and Low Rider ST are two different beasts that offer almost opposing riding experiences.




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