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What Made The Honda CBR1000F ‘Hurricane’ Motorcycle So Special

What Made The Honda CBR1000F ‘Hurricane’ Motorcycle So Special
Honda has made a lot of special motorcycles over the years. Whether it’s the fastest Honda motorcycles, the rarest Honda bikes, or the coolest looking Hondas of all time, there’s a unique two-wheeled Honda that covers all the bases. And, of course, the best-selling motorcycle of all time, the Honda Cub.
With all the high-profile and popular Honda bikes out there, it might be easy to miss some of their unique bikes that aren’t as well-known. Motorcycles that weren’t sales juggernauts or icons at the racetrack are easy to overlook when you’ve got such an illustrious history. Bikes like the Honda CBR1000F — also known as the Hurricane — might not be as famous, but they’re every bit as special.
Launched in the 1980s, Honda employed a marketing campaign for the Hurricane that was aimed directly at one of its chief rivals, the Kawasaki Ninja. In a commercial with epic 80s vibes, Honda used the Hurricane name to imply an imminent storm — one that the Kawasaki would be so afraid of that they’d hide underneath the floorboards. It might not have had Kawasaki shaking in their boots, but the Hurricane was certainly a force to be reckoned with.




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