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Honda Navi Top Speed: What Can This Mini-Motorcycle Really Do?

Honda has not announced the official Navi performance figures, but the reviews sound promising, if not hilarious. Hagerty riotously said, “35 mph arrives easily; 55 is possible with time and patience; 70 will only happen while falling off a cliff.” Meanwhile, the bike’s Reddit community argues hitting 50 mph is virtually impossible unless talking about a petite rider, but hitting 55 mph in 7 to 8 seconds is possible with a few mods like a 12-inch rear wheel, a new carburetor, a ported head, a new clutch, and a rev delete kit, among many others.
The point is that the Honda Navi is not a speed demon, an obvious fact given its tiny yet perky 105 cc engine and 236-pound wet weight. Additionally, its 55 mph top speed is a decent number in the mini-moto category, but the more interesting figure is the fuel economy. Honda claims an EPA-rated 110.3 mpg for the Navi, a shining beacon within the dark clouds of ever-rising fuel prices.
The Honda Navi’s vibrant styling, practicality (there’s a frame-mounted 15-liter storage box between the rider’s legs), excellent fuel economy, and low base price make it a solid pick for an everyday scooter. It’s not the fastest two-wheeler, but it beats electric scooters in almost any measurable way. Plus, it’s a Honda, which means it’ll stand the test of time.



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