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This design is probably the future of electric motorcycles

Motorcycle designs often marry innovation with functionality, even at the cost of conventional design, as they should. But when it comes to concepts, nothing is stopping outrageous designs.
Gurmukh Bhasin has introduced a game-changer that turns heads and sparks conversations. The CR-Dos – Ghost, a concept electric motorcycle, has taken the spotlight with its unique blend of transparency and cutting-edge design.
A rendering of the CR-Dos – Ghost. Gurmukh Bhasin
The standout feature of CR-Dos – Ghost lies in its transparent, plastic-like panels that wrap around the engine, allowing curious onlookers a mesmerizing peek into the heart of this electric beast. These panels not only serve as an aesthetic element but also act as a practical anti-heat protection sleeve, ensuring riders remain shielded from potential burns.



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