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Janus Halcyon 450 Vs Kawasaki W800: Which Retro Motorcycle Is Best For You

While Kawasaki mass-produces the W800 on assembly lines in Nebraska and Missouri, each Janus Motorcycle is hand-built in the company’s Indiana workshop using mostly parts made in-house or by local manufacturers. That attention to detail comes at a price, however; a Halcyon 450 starts at $14995 before shipping and customization costs are added. The Halcyon 450 is powered by a single-cylinder 445cc SOHC motor that produces 30hp and can propel the bike to a top speed of 90mph.
Using reports from Janus owners as a guide, the 2-gallon fuel tank should provide about 100-120 miles of range for most riders. Like the W800, the Halcyon 450 has dual shocks in the front and rear to dampen rough road surfaces. Mercedes Streeter of Jalopnik took the 450 for a cruise and came away impressed by the performance of the bike, particularly the suspension and brake systems. “The Halcyon 450 remains stable through turns,” she wrote, “even when you hit a giant Midwest pothole part-way through. And when you squeeze the Brembo brakes you’ll find absolutely no front dive, thanks to Janus’ front suspension design.” If you can afford the extra $5000-plus for a Janus bike, its superior road manners and high top speed should be enough to offset the shorter cruising range for most riders.
If that’s not enough to sway you, Streeter concluded her review of the 450 and Janus’ other current offerings with this: “Yes, you can buy a brand-new Kawasaki W800 and get vintage looks and far more performance for far less money. Janus isn’t trying to compete with the big guys. It’s a boutique company selling an experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Riding these little machines reminded me why I got into motorcycling in the first place.”



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