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3 Yamaha Motorcycles Suited For Expert Riders

3 Yamaha Motorcycles Suited For Expert Riders
Most new entry-level and mid-level bikes can handle pretty serious tasks. Tasks like a weekend track day or long-distance road trips are no problem for these modern machines. Motorcycles like the YZF-R7, the MT-07, and the XSR 700 are capable, stylish, and equipped with state-of-the-art tech. They’re excellent on the open road, accessible and affordable to most riders, and they’re a step up from the entry-level choices best suited for new riders.
But what if you want to step your game up even further? Maybe you’ve been riding for a long time and want to upgrade to something with serious power and presence. Maybe you’re a track-day regular — ready to squeeze every last ounce of performance out of your motorcycle. Perhaps you’re a daily rider who wants the extra features of the most exclusive bikes.
Thankfully, Yamaha has expert riders covered with several choices for high-end motorcycle amusement. Powerful, loaded with special features, and built with unique materials, these high-end motorcycles are about as far from entry-level as you can get. Extracting a bike’s full potential, taking advantage of all the performance it has to offer, requires a certain level of experience — especially if you want to do it safely.



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