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10 Yamaha Motorcycles You Can Likely Afford

10 Yamaha Motorcycles You Can Likely Afford
With roots at the turn of the 20th century, Yamaha has a long and proud tradition of building finely crafted products for world markets. According to the manufacturer, Yamaha produced propellers and other aircraft parts during WWII. After the final peace treaty was signed in 1952, the company chose to put the dormant machining equipment to use for a new product, and a motorcycle was chosen for this new venture. Its first model went on sale in 1955 and Yamaha has grown exponentially ever since, establishing itself as a world leader in the field, diversifying its offerings to include ATVs and watercraft.
The reputation Yamaha built in the post-war period is that of a producer of innovative and reliable machines. Its dirt bikes often introduce new technology to the market and are ridden by winning teams worldwide. Furthermore, its street bikes are as competitive as anything else coming out of Asia or Europe. Yamaha shed the perception that Japanese manufacturing equated to cheap products decades ago and some of its models are now among the most expensive on the market. Yet, like other Japanese manufacturers, it retains affordable products in its lineup and the reliability translates into continued affordable ownership for years to come. Because of the high quality of Yamaha motorcycles, used models can also represent a considerable bargain. Considering the bikes that will be durable and reliable for years to come, here are 10 Yamaha motorcycles you can likely afford.



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