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Important road safety tips for motorcycle riders

(Good Things Utah) The summer season is heating up, with more drivers than ever before getting out on Utah roads. For motorcyclists, this year has been especially concerning for their safety — now seeing a 40 percent jump in the state’s motorcycle fatalities. A non-profit organization based in Utah, aptly named Zero Fatalities, is on a mission to change that.
According to Kristin Hoschouer with Zero Fatalities: “Lately, we’ve seen an increase in the number of motorcycle fatalities. It’s hard for us to see… and we want to see that go away.”
Unpredictable weather and difficult road conditions have made safety for motorcyclists even more difficult. This is why it’s important for drivers and motorcyclists to share the roads, understand the risks and make responsible choices.
Holidays generally see more road-related accidents here in Utah. And with the upcoming holiday weekend, Zero Fatalities is encouraging everyone to drive carefully. Here are some great road travel tips for both drivers and riders to reduce fatalities:
DRIVERS Check blind spots
Be aware of motorcycle laws — including lane filtering, now legal in Utah MOTORCYCLISTS Stay visible at all times
Avoid vehicle blind spots
Wear protective gear
It’s also recommended that motorcyclists take classes teaching how to ride safely. One such course offering great lessons for riders is Ride To Live Utah — training classes hosted by the Utah Department of Public Safety’s Highway Office. These classes help riders learn important safety laws, hone their skills, and receive any required licenses. Find more information at RideToLive.Utah.Gov.
To see more helpful facts and tips for staying safe on Utah roads, go to
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