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Stay safe on the trails this summer with ATV safety

Motorcycling can be a fun and exciting activity, especially to see all of the Beehive State’s natural beauty. Before you head on the road, make sure you follow all of these safety guidelines to ensure an enjoyable ride that will keep you out of harm’s way.
Andria Yu, spokesperson for Motorcycle Safety Foundation, suggests protecting yourself head to toe. While Utah does not require motorists 21 years of age or older to wear helmets, Yu advises motorists of all ages to wear helmets and goggles. Yu also recommends wearing gloves, elbow armor, and boots to protect your legs and feet. “We want over the ankle boots like dirt style boots, but if you don’t have that just anything would work, even work boots with some ankle protection.” Yu said.
This gear is also necessary for ATVs, dirtbikes, and even side-by-sides and should be worn at all times. “All the gear, all the time.” said Tim Rice, ATV Safety Institute Spokesperson. “Anytime you’re gonna get on it, I don’t care if it’s from here to the trailer, just make it a rule. All the gear, all the time. It will serve you well.” Yu and Rice also urge viewers to wear long sleeves, sturdy pants, and chest protectors to protect from exhaust as well as brush. In addition to wearing protective headgear and body gear which can save lives and lessen injuries, Yu and Rice want parents to ensure their children are being supervised while using ATVs and yikes as well as finding ones that are appropriate to the child’s age and size. Parents also should lead by example and wear their equipment as well.
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