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KTM X-Bow GT2 race car is getting a 600HP road-legal variant

KTM X-Bow GT2 race car is getting a 600HP road-legal variant
Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM is prepping up the road-legal version of its X-Bow (Cross-bow) racing car. KTM announced that its latest street-legal supercar had inherited all the quirky details of its FIA-homologated GT4 racer like a pop-up, canopy-style cockpit and a 600-horsepower turbocharged Audi inline-five engine.
The KTM X-Bow GT2 prototype on this page is currently undergoing testing in Europe. KTM claims the first customer deliveries will arrive by 2023. We’re not sure if the supercar will use the same lightweight carbon monocoque tub as the production X-Bow, but it’s sure to have an impressive power-to-weight ratio given the high-strung nature of its powerplant.
KTM’s supercar-baiting X-Bow GT2 will enter the market brandishing a turbocharged Audi inline-five gas engine pumping out no less than 600 horsepower, the same engine that raced against the Audi R8 LMS GT2 and Porsche GT2 RS Clubsport at the SRO GT2-class racing series. The final numbers remain forthcoming, but KTM did say the engine will have a seven-speed direct-shift transmission with a limited-slip differential.
The original X-Bow is a lightweight, open-top track-day car with a 176-pound (80 kg) Dallara monocoque tub, while the X-Bow GT2 racer tips the scales at around 2,310 pounds (1,048 kg). We expect the street-legal variant to weigh more with its hi-tech roof canopy, but it makes up for it with its exotic hypercar styling.
Still, KTM said its newest four-wheeled production car has carbon-reinforced polymer bodywork to keep the weight down despite the reinforced roof and other possible production-car niceties like airbags, air-conditioning, and advanced driver-assist systems.
KTM will reveal more about its newest hyper sports car in the coming months, including the final technical specs, performance numbers, and pricing. Don’t expect the latter to be “affordable” since a standard roofless X-Bow currently retails around €294,000 or $332,000.
For reference, KTM’s new X-Bow GT2 road car could fetch a higher price tag than the Dallara Stradale, a lightweight, roofless speedster with a 395-horsepower Ford supercharged four-cylinder motor and a $200,000 base price.



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