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Everything To Know About The Harley-Davidson Fat Boy From Terminator 2

Peter Kent was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s personal stuntman for 14 movies (via IMDb) and is quoted in an interview with Motorcycle News saying that after reading the script for “T2,” they immediately went out and bought five Fat Boys for use in the film. Tweaks were made to the exhaust, carbs, and valves on two of them in order to make them faster. Kent took one and spent about six weeks practicing with it in the build-up to filming.
According to Yahoo!, however, only four were used in the film, with one supposedly going to Kent himself. Perhaps the idea that he had one comes from the practice rides. Another is reportedly in the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee (via Pakshi Media), sitting next to the heavily modified “Captain America” Harley ridden by Peter Fonda in “Easy Rider.”
A third bike sold at the “Icons & Legends of Hollywood” auction in June 2018 for $480,000, according to Digital Trends. Estimates had pegged it selling between $200,000 and $300,000, so the nearly half-million dollar bid was quite the shock. But this bike came directly from Carolco Pictures with only 392 miles on the odometer. What’s more, it was authenticated as having been the actual Fat Boy ridden by Schwarzenegger throughout the film, so maybe it’s not all that surprising. Still, it was missing its side mirrors, so perhaps they could have knocked off a few bucks! The buyer was anonymous and remains unknown today (per Motorious).
If a fourth or fifth is still out in the wild, their whereabouts are as mysterious as this winning bidder. Hopefully, they haven’t been … terminated.




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