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Budget Dacia Duster and luxury Audi RS Q8 in the offroad race. You won’t see anything better today!

Will the champion of a straight line, which the Audi RS Q8 is undoubtedly, be able to handle the five times cheaper Dacia Logan off-road? CarWow journalists decided to check it out. The juxtaposition of cars that are so extremely different in terms of performance and workmanship is a treat for motoring fans who are already quietly cheering for the power of the quattro drive. Can they be sure of the result?
The Audi RS Q8 rivals the modest Dacia Duster
The Audi RS Q8 is made for Nurburgring sprints, but we haven’t seen it handle off-road racing so far. When you look at budget rival Dacia Duster, which is a modest family SUV, you are probably curious to see how it will handle a tough rival. Will it be better than the heavy SUV from Ingolstadt in the fight for traction? Let’s look at the numbers.
The Audi RS Q8 weighs 2,390 kg and is powered by a 4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine. The power of 591 hp and 590 Nm allows the SUV to accelerate and overcome the Nurburgring loop in 7.42 seconds. That is why it is number one among serial SUVs and track record holders.
CarWow has pitted a modest rival against him, the budget car of the Romanian brand Dacia. When you look at the performance of the Duster compared to the RS Q8, it’s not a drive, it’s a walk.
The Dacia family SUV weighs 1,405 kg and is powered by a 1.5-liter turbo diesel with 115 HP and 260 Nm. This is a reasonably priced proposition with an attached four-wheel drive. It is not surprising that you will often see it on the roads, after all, it is an ideal and cheap transport solution for families.
Will the King’s Nurburgring asphalt performance be enough to beat his modest family Data in the offrad race? The stunning performance of the engine is delivered to all four wheels via an 8-speed automatic gearbox. The quattro drive is a great off-road weapon, but the Dacia Duster, as you’ll see, has a few tricks in its pocket.
If the race was on asphalt, you would be sure of the winner by now, but who is the track champion? Check, because you have not seen such struggles yet.



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